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Colleen Clancy Hansen

Colleen Clancy Hansen taught high school English for 25 years in Billings and Helena. In 2014 Destination: Butte, Montana, the memoir/local history of the John, Davis, and Clancy families from Wales and Ireland was published through Sweetgrassbooks. Butte Silver Bow Archives’newspapers led to headlines of major events: the Speculator Mine Disaster (Colleen’s grandfather worked in that mine, but was off-shift that night), the Hanging of Frank Little, the Tong Wars etc.

In 2015 Colleen published Ghost Children in Elkhorn, MT, an ebook. In 2017 Stella and the Bubble Man, illustrated by Anait Semirdzhyanalso a SCBWI member, was published. Colleen saw a bubble man in Oregon, and couldn’t take her eyes off the boy in the wheelchair who couldn’t catch a bubble. Colleen lives in Missoula with her husband, Alec. Their children, Lucy and her fiancé, Patrick, and grandchildren, Gus and Elsie; and Eamon and his girlfriend, Courtney, and her children Ethan and Ellie also live in Missoula.