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I am the author of Deliverance Mary Fields, a creative nonfiction historical biography of a little-known remarkable Montana pioneer. Born into slavery in Tennessee, 1832, Mary rushes into the Montana wilderness in 1885, saves her friend’s life, and remains in the perilous frontier, single-​handedly transforming pioneer lives for the better—including her own.

Mary’s history intertwines with that of Montana as the territory transitions to statehood and wrestles with constitutional issues that include women’s political rights: property ownership, wages, suffrage rights and Montana’s scandalous 1914 election.

Accurate accounts of Native Americans, the new generations of Métis, religious institutions, homesteaders, activists, entrepreneurs and ruthless scalawags bring the Montana frontier experience to life.

The title is based upon ten years of research and provides new historical discoveries. Many years of research enabled me to supply documentation for USPS to establish Mary Fields as the first African American woman star route mail carrier in the United States. This remarkable woman also achieves other historical firsts revealed in the book.

I am pleased to attend the Montana Book Festival and will participate in the Book Fair & Exhibitor showcase on Saturday, Sept. 30, 2017.
Friday, September 29

11:30am MDT