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Mark Matthews once composed a one-word Artist's Statement for a sculpture exhibit which read: PERSIST! That's basically what Mark has been doing for most of his adult life in order to create various types of art. Since graduating from Brandeis University in 1974, he has published seven books, shown his sculpture at galleries from coast to coast, and has called contra and square dances across the nation. He has also worked as a freelance journalist for such publications as The Washington Post, Newsweek, High Country News and Indian Country Today, and taught English composition and creative writing at UM. Mark now leads the “Let the Children Dance” Speakers in the Schools program for Humanities Montana. His new 4-volume series of books called Swinging through American History include: Square Your Sets: The Birth of American Social Dancing; Cakewalking out of Slavery: A Study of Racism through Music and Dance; Promenading toward Democracy: the Great Square Dance Revival; and Jitterbugging across the Colorline: Desegregating the Dance Floor.